Why Be Present

Posted on July 27, 2015

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When does your mind wander, and what do you think about? Next time you find yourself thinking ahead, take a moment and live in the present. This infographic by Presence Training (Click on link below) tells us more about the benefits of being present and how we can do this in our own lives. Take a look and let us know how you stay mindful every day.

- Being present makes you happier

- 47% of the time we are thinking about something other than what we are doing

- Research shows that we are are substantially less happy when their mind is wandering than when they are paying attention to what they are doing

- It also reduces stress, improves your memory and sporting performance, increases your concentration, and even helps you sleep

Click on the link below to view the full article


Source material from http://watersedgecounselling.com/

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