Panic Attacks: Study Reveals The Best Type of Treatment

Posted on July 6, 2015

Dr. Barbara Milrod, a professor of psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College, said:

“Panic disorder is really debilitating — it causes terrible healthcare costs and interference with functioning. We conducted this first ever large panic disorder study to compare therapy types and see if one type of therapy is preferable over another.”

Panic disorders involve suffering from an extreme feeling of anxiety and fear, sometimes for no apparent reason. Panic attacks can also be triggered by many things, including irrational fears such as phobias.

During panic attacks people can tremble, become sweaty, feel sick and may experience heart palpitations. The study randomised around 200 people with panic disorders to various different commonly-used therapies.
Therapy lasted for around three months and involved one 45-minute session each week.
Across the two different sites where the therapies were tested, cognitive behavioural therapy was the most effective, and only one-quarter of people dropped out.

Professor Milrod said:

“If patients stick it out and continue with therapy rather than drop out, they have a far greater chance of seeing positive results or getting better.”

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