Maximize Happiness by Planning Your Time Wisely

Posted on June 29, 2015

In a study reported last December in the journal Emotion, researchers named this concept “prioritizing positivity” and investigated its association with various measures of well-being in 233 adults who had a wide range of ages.

Results showed that people who followed this approach were more satisfied with life in general, and they reported more frequent positive emotions and fewer depressive symptoms. Those who prioritized positivity with concrete plans also had more psychological and social resources, such as resilience, mindfulness and positive relationships.
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“Reflect on the activities that bring you contentment or joy and make time for these events in your daily life,” says study co-author Lahnna I. Catalino, a postdoctoral psychology fellow at the University of California, San Francisco. “For some people, this could mean regularly setting aside time for gardening and cooking; for others, it could mean making time to connect with good friends.”

These kinds of efforts can be difficult for those battling depression, but they are in line with what therapists often advise. You cannot will yourself into a state of happiness, but you can be fairly certain you will enjoy more days that include the things that bring you pleasure.


Source material from Scientific American

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