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Posted on June 26, 2015

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Are you living the dreams of someone else’s will? Have your dreams and aspirations become a fantasy and is now long buried within you?

Going through the same mundane routine daily feels tiresome. Perhaps, we have forgotten the gifts we had, or that we have put them on hold because there is time to develop it in the future. Well, these gifts are your true source of energy to your soul and aliveness. Only when you start doing what you are passionate about, then you will be able to receive back gifts.

Living true to your emotions and to your core fulfills the world and fulfills yourself. If you lie to yourself that you are living true to the world, giving your gifts fully when you are not, then the world will not trust you.
Let the moment now be an opportunity to revive your youthful strength. Young, naive and dangerous. Those were the moments when you were in touch with your emotional core.

If you wait too long, your dreams will become a fantasy that you think it is unattainable. Hence, start planning for the fulfillment of your desires. Act upon what you have entrenched in your mind. Create your dream by using half an hour or one hour a day. This desire will push you to greater heights and to live a life of inner fulfillment.

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