Top managers most afflicted by disorders, study finds

Posted on May 25, 2015

Alcohol abuse is highest among business owners, while the highest proportion of smokers exists among craftsmen and trades workers. The latter group also has the highest rates of diabetes and hypertension, but among the lowest rates of depression, a study on prevalence of mental and physical disorders across occupations here has found.

Meanwhile, the proportion of people in senior or top management positions who had both mental and physical disorders was the highest. Mental disorders include major depressive disorder, anxiety disorders and alcohol abuse, while diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure are among the physical disorders.

The study, published last month, was based on data collected in the Singapore Mental Health Study in 2009 and 2010. It covered 4,361 employed participants with an average age of about 42.

The study highlights disparities in disease prevalence and risk factors across occupations, even after adjusting for other variables, they said. "It is important to tailor effective workplace health interventions based on risk profiles by occupational groups. In addition, business owners, craftsmen and related trades workers should be made aware of the increased risks associated with alcohol use disorder and nicotine dependence."

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