How to instantly feel more powerful?

Posted on May 23, 2015

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There are bound to be times when you feel anxious in situations, regardless of your usual confidence level. When we feel anxiety or stress, we develop our own way to cope with it by engaging in various techniques like imagining the audience are fruits/vegetables or swapping your anxiety nerves for excitement.

Amy Cuddys presented on a TED talk that your body language shapes who you are. To feel more powerful, engage in power posing.
Conceptual replication studies were conducted using a larger sample and participants were randomly assigned to high or low-power pose condition.

Thereafter, participants had to complete tasks to assess the level of their risk-taking by choosing a predetermined amount of money or take an all or nothing gamble.

The researchers found that power posing could lead to greater self-reported feelings of power. However it does not lead to behavioural effects. In addition, power posing does not seem to affect testosterone and cortisol differently.

Category(s):Anxiety, Social Anxiety / Phobia

Source material from PSYSCI

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