Daily abuse takes toll on foreign maids in Singapore

Posted on May 12, 2015

What Ami is seeking is not particularly complicated. She would like a boss who doesn't scream at her and a workday that won't stretch to 18 hours long. She would like it if she weren't forced to clean a second house at no extra pay. She would like to quietly get on with her job, make her SGD$470 (about US$353) a month, and continue supporting her family back home in the Philippines.

Instead, she is quietly killing time and growing anxious in a woman's shelter while begging her agency to allow her to transfer to a new employer or agency.

Foreign domestic labor is big business in Singapore, where 222,500 workers hold permits allowing them to be employed by the nation's 5.7 million residents.

"The recorded cases of abuse are just the tip of the iceberg because many go unreported," points out Tam Peck Hoon, an advocacy head at the protection group Humanitarian Organization for Migrant Economics (HOME). "Not all abuse is tangible. We're talking about psychological abuse, coercion, threat of sending them home."

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Source material from UCA News

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