Secrets are as heavy as a physical weight.

Posted on May 9, 2015

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Secrets are as heavy as a physical weight. Secrets could be money troubles, bad habits and quirks and what not.

Dr Michael Slepian suggest that what you are carrying or what is holding you back is the psychological weight of your mind.

Whenever you are preoccupied by a secret, the more you can’t stop thinking about it, the more cognitive resources you are using. Thus, the less energy you feel that you have to pursue other tasks.

The load is the same as carrying a heavy burden, things around seem more challenging due to the perceived “less energy” you have.
This could lead to one withdrawing from social lives and perform worse at work. It can causes you to be less motivated, if you are explicitly conscious of that, it could result in poorer performance.

When you talk to someone about it, it helps you relieve the burden.

Thus, the inventions of anonymous websites like PostSecret or anonymous hotlines. This will help one to open up and process about it. It enables an individual to think about it constructively, to make sense of what’s going on, allowing the individual to cope with it.

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