Use of Facebook Linked to Depression

Posted on April 11, 2015

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More often than not, we find ourselves scrolling through one’s feeds. Comparing ourselves with them. This has been found to link to depressive symptoms.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are all forms of social network that allows to connect with others.

However, within it, there lies certain psychological dangers. We do not know what will our friends post next, thus we tend to socially compare ourselves. People tend to post the best side or good things that occurs in their lives, painting a perfect picture.
We tend to compare to this beautiful side of the picture, thinking that their lives are better than they actually are, causing us to feel worse about on lives.

The research surveyed 300 people and found that the more time one spend on Facebook, the greater their depressive symptoms.
It does not matter how one is comparing their self to others, whether it is an upward or downward comparison, there is still higher risk of depression, unless they spend less time in comparing.

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Source material from PsyBlog

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