Importance of allowing personalisation of workspace

Posted on March 28, 2015

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Football clubs merchandise laid across the desk, polaroid photos stringed at the desk pin board. The reason to bringing personal objects in the workplace is being explored.

The conventional approach to this is that our personal objects mark our territories. When studied and interviewed, the results show that it is a indicator of the individual’s character. It brings out the individual’s organisational role in the workplace as well, for instance a certification of his achievement hanged proudly. Artwork displayed on the table would perhaps show the person’s creativity level.

Personalisation allows one to emphasize their status and capability. But what’s more important is to build relationships. Such personal items could be conversational topics or common likings of staff. It allows the co-workers to foster a greater bond.

Furthermore, on a personal level, it allows one to affirm their identity. Or to be reminded of their aspiration or goals they want to achieve.

Having strict limits on employee’s personalisation of workspaces could restrict the creativity level of the individual and the cohesion they have

Category(s):Career Development and Change, Workplace Issues

Source material from British Psychology Society

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