Moral Decisions affected by our Eye Movements

Posted on March 28, 2015

“Is murder defensible?”

What your answer may be, can be dependent on what your eyes are focusing on at the same time that you are making such moral decisions.

Through a study where participants were asked of immediate answers to moral questions, they had to look at a randomly pre-selected response, 58% chose that answer as their moral position. The participants had no knowledge of being monitored. They were monitored on how their gaze move when they were demanded an answer at the right moment. The results showed that their responses were systematically influenced by what the eye saw at the moment an answer was demanded.

The new findings that the study has brought about that differs from the old is that if the eye movements are tracked, it could look at the person’s decision-making process and steer in a pre-determined direction.

The thought process that one needs to reach a moral position is interlinked with the process of viewing the world.

With the current technology, there are sensors in mobile phone which could track eye movement. Perhaps, if our eyes documented were documented, it might help us to reach a decision that has not been possible before.


Source material from (E) Science News

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