How not to spoil your child?

Posted on March 20, 2015

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Are you a bad parent? Or are you spoiling your child with habits of indulgence? Or could your money could be better used.

Is cooking a second meal for your child because he is not satisfied with the first spoiling them? Your goal as a parent would probably not to make your child be happy at all times, but to help them deal with anger when limits are imposed. It is ok for your child to be angry, frustrated or sad. These are natural emotions that they would have to face as they grow up.

As first time parents, it might be tough to handle your child. You waiver upon helping your child to set limits and restrain themselves, or to alleviate their pain. What counters spoiling them, would probably be to love your child and let him know that you will be there for him. There needs to be reasonable limits set and as a parent, help your child through frustrating moments.

Children might crave attention, but this does not equate to spoiling them by cooking up a nother meal specially for them.

It is not necessary to reward children to with material goods all the time, to get them to perform in a certain way. Rewards can be privileges as they get older.

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