3 in 50 Worldwide Suffer Internet Addiction

Posted on December 20, 2014

Photo: flickr

More than 6 percent of people worldwide suffer Internet addiction, according to a new study.

Researchers explain that Internet addicts suffer an impulse-control problem characterized by being unable to curb their Internet use. The latest study, which involved data from more than 89,000 people in 31 countries, shows that this type of addiction can significantly reduce people's quality of life by negatively affecting their health and interpersonal relationships.

Lead researchers Cecelia Cheng and Angel Yee-lam Li from The University of Hong Kong estimate that 6 percent of the worldwide population is addicted to surfing the web. People living in Northern and Western Europe are least likely to be addicted to the Internet, while those in the Middle East are more likely to be addicted. The study estimates a prevalence of 2.6 percent in Northern and Western Europe and 10.9 percent in the Middle East.

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