How to keep your kids safe from online bullying

Posted on October 17, 2014

Each day, an estimated 160,000 school kids stay home from school out of fear of bullying. But technology in the form of smart phones and social media has made bullying a 24/7 threat that can occur anywhere — even in safety of a child's home.

What brings a young person to the Internet to harm others is stress and strain. If a family is in a domestic crisis, if there is a problem at home, kids don’t have the same coping mechanisms as adults so they vent online. More shocking equals more attention. More attentions equal more likes. Social media is a popularity contest. We have to stop applauding bullying behavior.

Parents have to be the lifeguard in the social media pool. They have to bear greater responsibility, to set stringent social media guidelines — and be ever more vigilant. Every student needs to know there’s a caring adult to do something about bullying. Parents have to participate with their child, monitor who the child is talking to on their phone, their social media accounts, and limit access; they need to set ground rules when it’s appropriate to use smart phones and have access to social media.

Another tip is for parents and caretakers to communicate with their children. Parents have life experience and that wisdom is more helpful than any smart phone their child can access. They can start by having proactive conversations regarding online discussions and the use of digital media with their children.

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Source material from Fox News

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