How Thinking Works: 10 Brilliant Cognitive Psychology Studies Everyone Should Know

Posted on January 30, 2014

Fifty years ago there was a revolution in psychology which changed the way we think about the mind.

The ‘cognitive revolution’ inspired psychologists to start thinking of the mind as a kind of organic computer, rather than as an impenetrable black box which would never be understood.

This metaphor has motivated psychologists to investigate the software central to our everyday functioning, opening the way to insights into how we think, reason, learn, remember and produce language.

The McGurk effect

The brain is integrating information from all our senses to produce our experience. But sometimes there can be conflicts in the information gathered from the individual senses. For example, if what your eyes see does not correspond to what you should be hearing, the brain has a way of resolving this conflict. This is known as the McGurk effect.

Watch the clip at the top from a BBC documentary to see the effect in full.

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