Shirt design featuring "Depression" pulled from Urban Outfitters

Posted on January 8, 2014

Urban Outfitters' 'Depression' shirt was pulled after it received backlash.

Popular clothing store, Urban Outfitters is the subject of controversy once again. The store, which draws in a young crowd, is under fire for selling a woman's cropped t-shirt with the word depression printed all over it. This 'depression' shirt has since been pulled off the shelves.

Even though the company that manufactures the shirt is called Depression, people were not happy with the fact that Urban Outfitters would sell a shirt that makes light of a serious mental illness. Depression is a Singapore-based company created by Kenny Lim and Andrew Loh. Lim stated that he was shocked at the reception of the shirt and reiterated that they "make happy clothes." Many of these critics went on twitter to express their disgust.

Here are some of the comments garnered online:

"Absolutely disgusting what Urban Outfitters is selling. Disgraceful. I don't know how that is allowed."

"This is vile. Does Urban Outfitters not know how offensive and triggering these tops are?"

Do you think it was offensive for the makers of the shirt to use "Depression" to sell its products?


Source material from Counsel Heal

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