12 Ways Yoga Meditation Helps Nourish the Body, Brian and Mind

Posted on October 28, 2013

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An easy, low cost, nat­ural prac­tice can help us boost our brain power, be health­ier and more spir­i­tu­ally attuned as we age, and improve our qual­ity of life and hap­pi­ness. It could also reduce some of the stag­ger­ing health care costs seen today.

Curi­ous about what that prac­tice is?

For the past 12 years, the ARPF has orga­nized, helped design, and fund inno­v­a­tive research on a sim­ple 12-minute singing yoga med­i­ta­tion called Kir­tan Kriya (KK). This work has specif­i­cally focused on reduc­ing risk fac­tors for Alzheimer’s dis­ease and the enhance­ment of total brain fit­ness. To deter­mine the ben­e­fits, these stud­ies included well-recognized meth­ods to mea­sure aspects of brain health and brain scans such as SPECT and fMRI, as well as sophis­ti­cated mem­ory and blood tests.

What are the results so far? What are the doc­u­mented body, brain and mind ben­e­fits from this type of yoga meditation?

1. Increased telom­erase: Telom­erase is the enzyme that con­trols the length of your telom­eres, the cap of your DNA. Longer telom­eres equal bet­ter health. Shorter telom­eres equal Alzheimer’s dis­ease and accel­er­ated aging and a short­ened life. An increase of 44 per­cent in telom­erase was shown in a study on highly stressed care­givers doing KK for 12 min­utes a day for eight weeks. To my knowl­edge, this is the largest increase in telom­erase ever seen.

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