How do you manage mental health issues at work for the benefit of all staff?

Posted on September 24, 2013

When hotel manager Tony Wilson was asked to consider hiring people with a mental illness, he was a little reluctant.

“At the start you think the worst of everything, don't you?” says Wilson, the general manager of Westwaters Hotel in Caroline Springs in Melbourne.

“Initially I thought 'what's going to happen? Are they just going to explode?' ”

But after meeting several applicants put forward by WISE Employment, a not-for-profit organisation,Wilson became receptive to the idea and hired four people experiencing illnesses such as bipolar disorder and depression.

“A lot of employers don't have the patience. In the rush and bustle of the world we live in, people want everything done yesterday,” Wilson says. “People tend not to give anyone much of a go.”

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Source material from WA Today

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