Mum's diet can change your mood

Posted on August 31, 2013

Poor diet during pregnancy can lead to an increased risk of mental health problems in children, Australian research shows.

And new mums cannot relax after they give birth with the study also showing a link between unhealthy early childhood diets and increased symptoms of anxiety and depression among toddlers.

The findings are based on information collected from more than 23,000 mothers and their children participating in the Mother and Child Cohort Study in Norway.

The researchers gathered information on mothers' diets during pregnancy and their children's diets at 18 months and three years.

The mental health of the children was assessed via parent reporting of symptoms of depression, anxiety and conduct disorders.

The study suggests mothers who eat more unhealthy foods such as refined cereals, sweet drinks and salty snacks have children with more behavioural problems including tantrums and aggression.

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Source material from ABC

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