Depression and alcohol burdens Australia

Posted on August 30, 2013

Mental illness and substance abuse are the leading causes of non-fatal illness in the world, according to the latest part of major research into the global burden of disease.

And the issues are second only to musculoskeletal diseases as causes of disability in Australia, according to the study led by University of Queensland Professor Harvey Whiteford as part of the Lancet Global Burden of Disease 2010 report.

His study shows mental illness, drugs and alcohol are responsible for more of the global health burden than diabetes or stroke or from HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis combined.

Depressive disorders cause 40.5 per cent of the mental health burden in the 187 countries and 21 regions covered by the study. Next are anxiety (14.6 per cent), drugs (10.9 per cent) and alcohol (9.6 per cent).

The study shows the Australasian region stands out as having the highest rate of eating disorders, which Prof Whiteford says are rising globally.

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