Men Want Women to Split Dating Costs But Are Scared to Ask

Posted on August 20, 2013

The survey of unmarried, heterosexual men and women found that men were willing to absorb the cost of early dates, but this quickly changes with time.

In fact:

- 44% of men said they would stop dating a woman who never pays.
- 64% of men believed women should contribute to dating expenses.
- 57% of women said they offer to pay but 39% admitted they hoped the man wouldn't accept.
- In any case, 76% of men said they felt guilty about accepting women's money.

There was a slight discrepancy in how much each gender thought they contributed. Most men and women agreed it was men who mainly picked up the tab; but the proportions didn't match. 84% of men thought they paid for most dating expenses, while just 58% of women agreed.

The reason men feel guilty about letting women chip in for the date is because they've been taught they should pay. However men have also been taught that men and women should have egalitarian partnerships, so costs should be shared.

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Source material from Psy Blog

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