Exercise and Its Conflicting Relationship with Mental Health

A new study has found that people who exercise report 1.5 fewer days of poor mental health a month, compared to people who do not exercise. In addition, the study also specified that exercise such as team sports, cycling, aerobics and going to the ...

Oct 8

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The Paradox of Happiness

Happiness is a ‘popular’ trend these days. From the greater attention paid to doing the things that you enjoy to the increased emphasis on “living your best life”, happiness is the one hot commodity that everyone is gearing towards. But what ...

Oct 1

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Overcome Chronic pain today

This article talks about different ways to let go and overcome any chronic pain and illness you’re currently facing.

Sep 27

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The Emotions behind Anger

What is really driving that anger we feel?

Sep 19

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Expressing Gratitude

Humans are social creatures and are hardwired to look towards social relationships in their pursuit of happiness. Gratitude is key in this equation because it facilitates contentment and reciprocal behavior. However, it often seems that we have so ...

Sep 17

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Ways to improve Self-Esteem

There are days when we feel so good as though nothing can bring us down, but there are also days when we feel like a failure and everything is falling apart. It is normal for everyone to experience fluctuations in our self-esteem. The following are ...

Sep 7

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You are in control of your emotions

It starts with believing that you are in control of your emotions to alleviate any emotional distress present. When people experience a negative emotion, they either give in and let themselves be negatively affected by them, or they would try to ...

Sep 7

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Stop unhealthy comparison

This article talks about how parents can help their children or even themselves eliminate the toxic feeling of needing to compare themselves to others.

Aug 30

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Compassion Meditation Training reduces distress of observers in the ...

Compassion meditation training helps to relieve health professionals' stress when they encounter patients who are in pain. The meditation training works by increasing their compassion towards and understanding of the patient's experience.

May 30

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A Strong Method to Get Past Regret

Most of us will have done things we regret in life. Some of these can be big regrets, like staying in a toxic relationship. It may be hard to move on from these regrets. Laura Reagan, LCSW-C suggests a journaling exercise.

Sep 12

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Embracing Negative Emotions Could Boost Psychological Well-being

Our reaction when confronted with a negative emotion like sadness or disappointment is to try to escape. However, a recent study has found that acknowledging these emotions, instead of trying to get away, will likely benefit long-term mental health.

Aug 17

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Turn Mistakes Into Life Lessons

Mistakes can be costly - some more than others. Everyone makes mistakes, and have probably repeated them at some point. Instead of making mistakes over and over, we can make a conscious effort to learn from them and make wiser decisions in the ...

Aug 12

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Unhealthy Ways of Thinking and What to Do Instead

Unhealthy ways of thinking arise when a person is tackling anxiety or in a high emotional state. Here are some unhealthy patterns of thinking and how you should frame your thoughts instead.

Aug 10

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Facing Rejection Like a Champ

Everyone will face rejection in their lives. No matter what the issue is about, we often feel like we had made a mistake to cause the rejection, and that we are to blame. However, viewing rejection in a different light can make it a positive event.

Aug 7

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3 Ways to Practice Mindfulness Daily

Mindfulness is a good method of self-care. It helps us be in tune with ourselves, and guides us to listen, pay attention and honour the experiences we go through each day. Here are three ways we can practice meditation when we are out and about ...

Jul 24

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