This Is What Self-Acceptance Can Do For Your Mind

Practising self-acceptance is one of the best ways to deal with failure, recent research finds.

Jun 22

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What is Self-Care?

To put it succinctly, self-care is the ability to set aside time where you intentionally care for yourself.

Jun 4

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To bolster a new year's resolution - ask, don't tell

“Will you exercise this year?” That simple question can be a game-changing technique for people who want to influence their own or others’ behavior, according to a recent study spanning 40 years of research.

Dec 29

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How to Be Selfish

This isn’t a how-to guide for narcissists. They don’t need any pointers. This is for all the people who often feel like doormats.

Dec 2

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6 Tips to Stop Being a People-Pleaser

Has anyone ever accused you of being a people-pleaser at work? You might have felt put off, thinking, “Yeah, I like making sure everyone in the office is happy. What’s wrong with that?”

Nov 11

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How Effective Are Mental Health Apps?

Using a mobile app without any perceived benefits can compound your anxiety about your mental health problems.

Nov 2

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Primary Selves, Disowned Selves and Self-Awareness

Self-awareness involves recognising the many selves in you, both primary and disowned, and how they affect your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. What are primary and disowned selves, and how do they work in you?

Oct 30

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Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think

Humans evolved an over-the-top obsession with what others thought of them - a craving for social approval and admiration, and a paralyzing fear of being disliked. Let's call that obsession a human's Social Survival Mammoth.

Oct 12

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Memories About Yourself Affect Judgments About Others

There are many aspects of memory, and they can all influence our judgments of others. For example, not only are we able to recall information about ourselves, but we also get a feeling for how easy it was to recall that information. That feeling ...

Dec 5

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Influenced by Self-Interest, Humans Less Concerned About Inequity To ...

Strongly influenced by their self-interest, humans do not protest being overcompensated, even when there are no consequences, researchers in Georgia State University's Brains and Behavior Program have found.

Aug 25

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A slow, loving, 'affective' touch may be key to a healthy sense of ...

A loving touch, characterized by a slow caress or stroke - often an instinctive gesture from a mother to a child or between partners in romantic relationships – may increase the brain's ability to construct a sense of body ownership and, in turn, ...

Oct 11

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3 Techniques to Boost Your Confidence

The way we feel about ourselves greatly influences how we live. For instance, if you’re self-confident, you probably spend time with and connect with others. If you’re drowning in self-doubt, you might withdraw and isolate yourself.

Aug 8

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How Positive Emotions Lead to Better Health

New research suggests that meditation or any other mood-enhancing activity can serve as a nutrient for the human body. We’ve all experienced downward spirals, in which dark emotions lead to destructive behavior that damages our health, strains ...

May 13

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