I, You, or We: Pronouns Provide Hints to Romantic Attachment Styles

Romantic attachment styles have an impact on how a person may behave in a romantic relationship as it influences the way they think and feel. Recent studies have identified the use of pronouns as a possible way of knowing what your partner’s ...

Jun 13

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In romantic relationships, people do indeed have a ‘type’

Researchers show that people do have a ‘type’ when it comes to dating, and that despite best intentions to date outside that type – for example, after a bad relationship, some will still gravitate to similar type of partners. However, research ...

Jun 12

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The Dissatisfaction of Being Sexually Rejected by a Partner Lasts ...

Sexual advances have been found to affect satisfaction in the bedroom lives of couples and their relationships. Regardless of who initiates the advance and who receives it, an individual is likely to feel greater satisfaction when sexual advances ...

Jun 6

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Teens’ Same-Gender Friendships Key To Later Satisfaction in ...

Researchers conducted a longitudinal study to investigate the factors in adolescence that best predicted who would and would not have a satisfying romantic life in their late 20s. After investigated 165 participants, they found that the skills teens ...

Jan 29

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Understanding a Controlling Partner

One of the reasons why relationships fail or get torn apart, is due to the constant struggle for control between couples. This article talks about the behavior of a controlling partner and how this characteristic developed.

Oct 18

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Expressing Gratitude

Humans are social creatures and are hardwired to look towards social relationships in their pursuit of happiness. Gratitude is key in this equation because it facilitates contentment and reciprocal behavior. However, it often seems that we have so ...

Sep 17

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Following TV programmes together can benefit your relationship

My wife and I were ridiculously excited about watching the recent season finale of Game of Thrones together – we’d watched all the previous 66 episodes together too, and the characters almost feel a part of our lives. Spending our time this way ...

Sep 5

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Six Common Communication Mistakes Couples Make

Communication is extremely important in a romantic relationship. However, simply having a conversation is insufficient. It's important to be aware of the way you talk and listen to your partner. Avoiding these common mistakes will make your ...

Aug 5

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Cute Puppies Can Make Your Relationship Happier

New research sheds light on a new love-boosting strategy.

Jun 28

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12 Tips to Build a Stronger Sibling Bond

How to help your children have as many positive interactions as you can.

Jun 9

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Use the PANDA Method to Apologize in a Meaningful Way

This is how to say sorry in a meaningful way.

Jun 3

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How to End a Relationship Without Regrets

You can't avoid the grief of endings, but you can avoid the burden of regrets.

Jun 1

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When your mate touches a nerve

When conflict arises between you and your loved one, what do you do? What do you do when you feel uneasy, upset, or even angry? Do you change the subject? Blame the person for being unreasonable or inconsiderate? Or do you withdraw?

May 30

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Toxic friend or just the product of a toxic environment?

Our earliest family patterns affect social connections in adulthood - a phenomenon known as foundational 'attachment theory'. Here are the four main types of attachment styles, as well as examples of and ways to respond to such adult behavior.

May 27

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This Personality Trait Makes The Average-Looking More Attractive

Research has found a way for average-looking men to make themselves seem more appealing to the opposite gender. Read more to find out!

Apr 25

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