Relationship quality tied to good health for young adults

For young people entering adulthood, high-quality relationships are associated with better physical and mental health, according to the results of a recently published study by a University at Buffalo-led research team. "Health benefits begin to ...

Jun 27

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8 Current Psychology Studies Every Lover Should Know

The power of nonconformists, neural synchrony, pathological personality traits and more…

Jun 23

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Holding Hands in Body Language

Just like any type of touch, holding hands can be a very potent signal. Depending on how it is used, it can make or break the relationship. It can break other person's defenses and force them to open up to you, or it can have a completely opposite ...

Jun 11

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How Depression Affects Couples - In Their Own Words

Depression has been called a "we-disease" because when the dark clouds arrive, it's not just the depressed person who is affected, but all those close to them. A new study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationship explored these spillover ...

Jun 9

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Happy Couples Automatically Use Mental Trick To Stay Faithful

People in relationships automatically see tempting others as less attractive, new research finds.

Jun 8

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How to heal after an abusive relationship

If you've recently gotten out of an abusive relationship or are considering doing so, your sense of self has likely been altered or even destroyed. So have your feelings of safety and your ability to trust others. You can and will regain these ...

Jun 4

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How ADHD affects releationships and what you can do about it

Typical symptoms associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder behavior include forgetfulness, distractedness, hyper-focus, disorganization and emotional difficulties. Tackling these issues by oneself is difficult enough, but bringing ...

May 26

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Marriage may prolong cancer survival, but why?

Cancer patients may live longer if they are married, with the effect varying by place of birth and race/ethnicity. However, better economic resources are unlikely to be a key driver for this association.

Apr 12

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Irregular heartbeat risk increases for 1 year after death of a partner

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is one of life's toughest challenges. It can cause severe psychological stress, which studies have shown can raise the risk of acute cardiovascular problems.

Apr 7

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Preference for dating smarter partners negatively affects women's ...

Women with a preference for more intelligent partners are less likely to show interest in male-dominated fields such as math and science, according to a newly published study from the University at Buffalo.

Apr 5

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Eating something sweet can lead to a romantic date

Not only do our emotions influence our perceptions of taste, but what we taste can also change how we feel, scientists have found.

Mar 31

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High standards could make or break a marriage

A new study suggests that having high standards could help or hinder a relationship, depending on how much indirect hostility there is between a couple.

Mar 21

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All about what keeps passion alive in long-term relationships

A Chapman University psychologist and his interdisciplinary research team have just published a study examining the sexual satisfaction -- or dissatisfaction -- of heterosexual couples in long-term relationships, and what contributes to keeping ...

Feb 27

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Patterns of nonrandom mating within and across major psychiatric ...

Couples can tend to be more alike in some characteristics than might otherwise be expected by chance. Some literature suggests this so-called "marital resemblance" may be present for a range of psychiatric features.

Feb 26

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How to Love Your Partner When They’re the Least Lovable

You know, the moments when you need your partner to show up in a certain way and they just don''t. Maybe they can’t, maybe they aren’t aware of your need, or maybe they simply don’t want to. This is when your partner is the least lovable in ...

Jan 27

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