We're emotionally distant and that's just fine by me

When it comes to having a lasting and fulfilling relationship, common wisdom says that feeling close to your romantic partner is paramount. But a new study finds that it's not how close you feel that matters most, it's whether you are as close as ...

Feb 14

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Cupid’s arrow: Research illuminates laws of attraction

We’ve heard the clichés: “It was love at first sight,” “It’s inner beauty that truly matters,” and “Opposites attract.” But what’s really at work in selecting a romantic or sexual partner? University of Notre Dame Sociologist ...

Feb 13

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Study shows how minimal intervention can preserve marital quality ...

Marital satisfaction - so critical to health and happiness - generally declines over time. A brief writing intervention that helps spouses adopt a more objective outlook on marital conflict could be the answer. New Northwestern University ...

Feb 6

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Not all gamers are low scorers on friendships, relationships

"There's a common stereotype that if you play video games, then you are a loner," said Benjamin Hickerson, assistant professor of recreation, parks and tourism management. "But it may have more to do with how a person is involved in gaming that ...

Dec 22

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