Narcissism VS Self-Esteem

There is often a misconception between the term ‘Self-esteem’ and ‘Narcissism’. Many often think that having high self-esteem makes one narcissistic or rather, having high self-esteem means being narcissistic. The truth is from as young as a ...

Sep 28

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Who Can You Trust?

How do you know who you can trust? A recent experiment suggests that an individual’s guilt-proneness is one of the strongest predictor of one’s trustworthiness.

Sep 26

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To what extent is it Emotional Abuse?

This article helps us identify what is deemed as emotional abuse, when and how is an action or situation a form of emotional abuse.

Sep 25

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The Truth about Psychopaths

This article talks about the common misconceptions people have about psychopaths and who they really are, what type of person they are and what drew them to having psychopathic tendencies.

Sep 21

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Character traits linking to Anxiety

This article talks about how Neuroticism and Introversion can react with each other to cause anxiety problems.

Sep 4

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Are Narcissism and Self-Esteem referring to the same thing?

A narcissist is defined by the desire for a higher social status, and not for social acceptance.

Jun 11

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Adopting a more active lifestyle today could have benefits for your ...

Everyone is familiar with the harmful health consequences a sedentary lifestyle causes, but a less known effect would be to one's personality over time. A new paper in the Journal of Research in Personality has found that greater physical ...

Feb 27

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Can your Personality Change as you Age?

It's a question that goes to the heart of human nature - do our personalities change through life or stay essentially the same? You might think psychology would have a definitive answer, but this remains an active research question. This is partly ...

Jan 10

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Your personality may affect your vulnerability to mental health ...

Findings suggest that some people have a personality profile that predisposes them to mental health problems, to more serious mental health problems when they occur, and even to more adverse life events.

Jun 3

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Asking One Question Can Reveal Much About Someone’s Personality

New research has shown that when one is asked for his or her opinion on other people, insights into his or her personality will also be revealed.

Mar 13

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5 Faces of Toxic Relationships - The Critic, Passive Aggressor, ...

As humans, we can read all the brilliant self-help books and possess wisdom about relationships, yet so many of us still are hindered by toxicity. We are often scared to speak up to those who produce toxic vibes and are even more fearful of leaving ...

Nov 30

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Personality Traits can predict who chokes under pressure

When there’s a lot on the line - a big presentation or a tough negotiation - some people manage to stay cool under pressure, while others have a meltdown. In a new study, a team of psychological scientists from Texas A&M University examined ...

Oct 15

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Distractibility Trait Predisposes Some to Attentional Lapses

People vary according to different personality traits, such as extraversion or conscientiousness, and new research suggests that they also vary according to a particular cognitive trait: distractibility.

Dec 16

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Me, MySelfie and I

Research is uncovering what your selfie says about you.

Nov 3

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Neurotic People Have A Surprising Mental Advantage

Neuroticism is characterised by negative thinking in a range of areas. However, over-thinking worriers enjoy this unexpected psychological advantage.

Oct 13

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