Decades After a Good-Behavior Program in Grade School, Adults Report ...

When children grow up in a supportive and engaging environment, they are able to build strong relationships and develop life skills that have lasting effects.

Jul 26

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Offering Children a Wide Variety and Large Quantities of Snack Food ...

We are often advised by health professionals to use smaller plates to serve our food on so as to get ourselves to consume smaller, healthier portions of food. However, a recent study has suggested that it might be more advisable to cut back on ...

Jul 20

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Teens 'Mocked' by Their Parents are at Greater Risk for Bullying, ...

Constant rejection and hostility from parents can lead to emotional regulation issues in children, which may turn into anger problems when they become adolescents. Dysregulated anger due to poor parenting makes it difficult for teenagers to interact ...

Jul 12

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Sister, Neighbor, Friend: Thinking About Multiple Roles Boosts Kids' ...

A series of experiments conducted has led to the discovery that problem-solving skills and other abilities can be enhanced by raising children's awareness about the various identities that they have, such as being a sister, son or a friend.

Jul 4

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The "Recency Effect" Is Especially Pronounced In Children - An ...

Early utterances in toddlers may be a result of the Recency Effect, rather than an indication of their understanding in the meaning of the words they say. Recent studies have shown that the Recency Effect plays a role in decision making when it ...

Jul 2

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Many Parents Struggle for Years to Adjust After Learning a Child's ...

Despite knowing about their child’s sexual orientation for two years, parents of many LGB youths still find the news hard to swallow.

Jun 21

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Parental Support is Key When Adolescents with Autism Want to Learn to ...

Learning how to drive could be highly beneficial for adolescents with autism as it enhances their life skills and allows them to be more independent. A study seeking to expand the available information suggested that parents should give these ...

Jun 21

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Parental Anxiety and Children's Learning

A new study has found that parents' attitudes towards mathematics can predict the learning outcomes of their children.

Dec 6

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The Effects of Technology on Parents and Children’s Loneliness

This article talks about how the influence of technology can affect parents’ attitude towards their children and the quality of parent-children interactions.

Nov 13

Categories: Child Development, Parenting, Social Isolation


The Role of Oxytocin in Threat Response

The fight-or-flight response has been widely studied and the findings have been replicated across species. Recently, researchers looked at fear responses in parents when threats occur in the presence of their young and found that a new threat ...

Nov 12

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The Effects of different Parenting Styles

This article identifies various common parenting styles and how supportive rejection can be beneficial to a child’s growth.

Oct 23

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How to deal with your Child's tendency to Lie?

This article talks about how parents should act when their child lies. Parents are encouraged to first understand their child’s reason behind telling the lie before proceeding to discuss the consequences.

Oct 16

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The Relationship between Materialism and Gratitude

The trait of materialism has been associated with a variety of mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety; hence, parents should naturally be concerned about the potential development of materialism in their child. A recent study showed ...

Oct 15

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Parenting and the Expression of Aggression and Antisocial Behaviour

A recent study has found that parenting affects the expression of aggression and callous-unemotional traits (CU) in children, namely a lack of empathy and moral compass.

Oct 15

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Narcissism VS Self-Esteem

There is often a misconception between the term ‘Self-esteem’ and ‘Narcissism’. Many often think that having high self-esteem makes one narcissistic or rather, having high self-esteem means being narcissistic. The truth is from as young as a ...

Sep 28

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