Mother's age at birth may influence symptoms of depression in ...

The daughters, but not the sons, of women who give birth at age 30 or older are more likely to experience symptoms of depression as young adults, according to new research. The age of the father at birth is not a factor.

Nov 18

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You should talk to your kids about mental illness. Here’s how.

Talking about mental illness isn’t easy, especially if it’s with your child, but it’s an important conversation to have.

Nov 14

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Think your child suffers from Depression?

"A secure, warm, loving relationship with a parent can be a protective factor against depression, especially for girls," Beresin said.

Oct 14

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Mindful Parenting for ADHD

The practice of mindfulness provides tools for cultivating focus, resilience, and well-being--both yours and your child's. They take advantage of the brain's innate capacity to rewire itself, an ability we all maintain at any age.

Sep 19

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Children's Sleep And Mental Health Are Related

Tired parents are often told that night waking is part of toddlerhood, and that it will soon pass on its own, but this is not the case for everyone. Recent studies show that serious sleep disorders in young children can have long-term consequences.

Sep 18

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Does our mental health as teenagers determine our entry into ...

The effects of parenthood on mental health are complex, but a new study published in Health Sociology Review reveals a different angle to the relationship: how a person's mental health at 16 influences whether or not he or she becomes a parent, as ...

Sep 10

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One in 10 fathers suffer from post-natal depression, study finds

One in 10 new fathers suffers from post-natal depression and more research is needed to find out how many develop other mental health disorders after their children are born.

Feb 12

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The Secret to Raising Smart Kids

Our society worships talent, and many people assume that possessing superior intelligence or ability - along with confidence in that ability - is a recipe for success. In fact, however, more than 35 years of scientific investigation suggests that an ...

Jan 29

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Why Are Babies So Cute?

Why is it that we find babies so cute, is this an inherently human trait?

Dec 2

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A Mother's Soothing Presence Makes Pain Go Away

By carefully analyzing what genes were active in infant rat brains when the mother was present or not present, the NYU researchers found that several hundred genes were more, or less, active in rat infants experiencing pain than in those that were ...

Nov 20

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Brains response to threat silenced when we are reminded of being ...

Being shown pictures of others being loved and cared for reduces the brain's response to threat, new research from the University of Exeter has found.

Nov 11

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How To Get Children To Behave Without Hitting Them

There's plenty of evidence that spanking, paddling or hitting children doesn't improve their behavior in the long run and actually makes it worse. But the science never trumps emotion, according to Alan Kazdin, head of the Yale Parenting Center and ...

Sep 27

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Marital aggression harms child's emotional adjustment

Combative parents may impair a child’s ability to recognize and control emotions. Aggression between parents powerfully shape children's emotional adjustment and long-term childhood poverty was also found to negatively influence child emotional ...

Sep 24

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'Tiger Moms' may scar kids

University of California, Riverside, researchers discovered the strict Chinese parenting style that advocates less support and more punitive parent techniques might lead to low self-esteem and school adjustment difficulties in children. This ...

Sep 24

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During pregnancy, future parenting behavior can be predicted by ...

Having expectant parents role-play interacting with an infant using a doll can help predict which couples may be headed for co-parenting conflicts when their baby arrives.

Aug 28

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