For Anxiety, A Single Intervention Is Not Enough

New research has shown that no matter which treatment they get, only 20 percent of young people diagnosed with anxiety will stay well over the long term.

Jun 1

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The Real Cause of Alzheimer's

The actual cause of Alzheimer's does not lie just in the brain, according to new research.

Dec 27

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A Strange Childhood Trait Linked To Psychopathy

Some children have a higher risk of developing psychopathy - all with the presence of this very strange trait!

Nov 22

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Extended Adolescence: When 25 Is the New 18

It is a common grumble that teens try to grow up too fast – no more! New research suggests that teenagers are less likely to engage in adult activities such as having sex and drinking alcohol, and the explanations for this phenomenon are ...

Oct 31

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Six Ways Developmental Trauma Shapes Adult Identity

Dissociation from oneself has long-term implications for who we become.

Jul 7

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8 Ways to Stop Us from Feeling So Guilty All the Time

Guilt is an emotion that spans the human experience; all of us have felt guilty at some point in our lives. However, many of us are unnecessarily and excessively guilty. Here’s some useful tips on how to cope with guilt and how to make yourself ...

Mar 27

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Touch May Alleviate Existential Fears for People With Low Self-Esteem

As human beings, we all know that we are going to die some day. Most of us deal with this knowledge by trying to live meaningful lives, but people with low self-esteem tend not to see their lives as particularly meaningful. Now, research suggests ...

Dec 6

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A maturing picture of emotion

We tend to think of adult ageing as a time of losses: many aspects of our health and memory get worse. However, wellbeing and wisdom often show increases across the lifespan. How might the pattern of age-related gains and losses influence emotional ...

Dec 1

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Can you spot a psychopath in the making?

It's always comforting to think that people can change if they're given the right conditions. If, as the philosopher John Locke suggested, we are all born as "blank slates," any writing on these slates that occurs early in life should be modifiable. ...

Nov 29

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The Reality of Hook Up Culture

Adults seem to think we're all sex-crazed emotionless teenagers who have traded relationships for one-night stands, long conversations for heart emojis, romantic dinners for Tinder dates. Hundreds of people (most of whom happen to be over 30) have ...

Nov 12

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Childhood Family Environment Linked With Relationship Quality 60 ...

New research has found that growing up in a warm family environment in childhood is associated with feeling more secure in romantic relationships in one's 80s. The findings show that men who grew up in caring homes were more adept at managing ...

Oct 22

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High status job means you are less likely to respond to treatment for ...

Depression Mental Health Psychology / Psychiatry High status job means you are less likely to respond to treatment for depression MNT Knowledge Center Adapted Media Release Published: Wednesday 21 September 2016 email 16Share 1 An international ...

Oct 18

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Laugh and Live Longer

A vast new study finds that a sense of humor lowers mortality rates, especially for women. Women with a strong sense of humor were found to live longer in spite of illness, especially cardiovascular disease and infection. Mirthful men seem to be ...

Oct 4

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The Influence of Diet on ADHD

For years, clinicians have suspected that diet may affect ADHD symptoms, and in recent years, research has suggested a potential impact of various aspects of diet on ADHD. This research includes examining the use of elimination diets, as well as ...

Oct 3

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The Difference between Intelligence and Rationality

ARE you intelligent - or rational? The question may sound redundant, but in recent years researchers have demonstrated just how distinct those two cognitive attributes actually are.

Sep 27

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