Oxytocin nasal spray: how can it help curb obesity?

A new study suggests that oxytocin nasal spray could be a solution, after researchers found it may work by improving self-control.

Apr 5

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Treating depression may reduce heart disease risk

Heart disease and depression are both serious and prevalent conditions; mounting evidence infers that they are connected. Depression has been shown to increase the likelihood of developing heart disease later in life.

Apr 4

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Link between allergic rhinitis and mental health

According to a new study, patients with AR appear to be at higher risk of mental disorders in the general Korean adult population and persistent or severe AR was correlated with poor mental health.

Apr 1

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Is moderate drinking really good for you?

Many people believe a glass of wine with dinner will help them live longer and healthier -- but the scientific evidence is shaky at best, according to a new research analysis.

Mar 29

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Association among childhood ADHD, sex and obesity

New research shows that there is an association between obesity development during adulthood and childhood attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Mar 22

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PTSD in Patients With Heart Disease

Adults living with congenital heart disease may have a significantly higher risk of post-traumatic stress disorder than people in the general population.

Mar 21

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Parent's Depression: Link to Child's Asthma?

A new study is underway to determine whether treating a depressed caregiver will improve the child’s asthma.

Mar 15

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Different kinds of physical activity shown to improve brain volume, ...

A variety of physical activities from walking to gardening and dancing can improve brain volume and cut the risk of Alzheimer's disease by 50%, a new study suggests.

Mar 14

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Middle-aged trauma patients with preexisting psychological illness ...

Middle-aged adults with psychological illness such as anxiety and depression are more likely to have longer hospital stays and rehabilitation following trauma affecting bones and muscles.

Mar 14

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Bromances may be good for men's health

Male friendships could have healthful effects similar to those seen in romantic relationships, especially when dealing with stress.

Mar 7

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Breast cancer patients may develop PTSD

According to a study led by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet in Munich researchers, a majority of patients diagnosed with breast cancer go on to develop symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Mar 4

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Quick thinking and feeling healthy predict longer life

Findings from a longitudinal study of over 6,000 adults suggests that certain psychological factors may be stronger predictors of how long we'll live.

Mar 1

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CBT and antidepressants 'equally effective' for major depression

Cognitive behavioral therapy and second-generation antidepressants are equally effective as treatments for major depression, according to new, evidence-based clinical guidelines published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Feb 25

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How graphic warnings on cigarette packets influence smokers' brains

Do graphic warning labels on cigarette packets really help smokers consider the health risks? Yes, according to the results of a new study, which found that such images prompt activity in areas of the brain associated with decision-making, emotion ...

Feb 24

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Money worries drive physical pain, study finds

Financial worries? You're not alone. Around 72% of us feel stressed about money at some point in our lives. And according to new research, such stress may be causing us physical pain.

Feb 24

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