Playing Action Video Games: Suicide Attempt Capabilities Increases

Among individuals already thinking about suicide, those who play action video games may be significantly more capable of attempting it than those who play other video game categories, according to a new study.

Mar 30

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Is moderate drinking really good for you?

Many people believe a glass of wine with dinner will help them live longer and healthier -- but the scientific evidence is shaky at best, according to a new research analysis.

Mar 29

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How graphic warnings on cigarette packets influence smokers' brains

Do graphic warning labels on cigarette packets really help smokers consider the health risks? Yes, according to the results of a new study, which found that such images prompt activity in areas of the brain associated with decision-making, emotion ...

Feb 24

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Treating Depression In Alcoholics?

A study by researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center may have a solution for alcoholics who find it hard to remain sober because their abstinence is hounded by stubborn, difficult-to-treat depression.

Feb 4

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Why Are Habits So Hard to Break?

By now, you might have discovered that taming your sweet tooth as a New Year's resolution is harder than you think. New research by Duke University scientists suggests that a habit leaves a lasting mark on specific circuits in the brain, priming ...

Jan 23

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The term “addiction” is usually associated with alcoholism and drug abuse. Yet people can get addicted to different stimulants that are far beyond illegal substances.

Dec 28

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Why Prison Drug Treatment Fails

Why is prison drug treatment such a failure? A counselor, an expert and two former inmates weigh in.

Dec 14

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When Eating Disorders and Drug Addiction Collide

Most people think of eating disorders and drug addiction as separate and distinct issues, but as many people who suffer with these maladies know firsthand, there is often significant overlap between the two.

Dec 1

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New Website A One Stop Shop For LGBTI Health In Australia

A new website aims to improve the health and wellbeing of LGBTI Australians by providing targeted information on drugs, alcohol, and mental and sexual health.

Nov 25

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Online Gambling Psychology: What Drives People to Bet?

While the games have undoubtedly evolved, there is still that immutable question: What drives people to gamble? Especially when the very nature of gambling itself means that you may lose something valuable?

Sep 21

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Does Anticipating Temptation Help You Resist Temptation?

Temptations can capture your motivational system and drive you to do something that is not in your long-term best interests. If you prepare for those temptations, though, you may be better able to resist them.

Sep 19

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Kick-boxing course helps Hong Kong drug abusers kick the habit

Hooked on drugs since she was 13, Elaine cured her addiction by kicking and punching to upbeat music. The 25-year-old, who declined to reveal her real name, has finally waved goodbye to drugs after six years in and out of rehabilitation centres. A ...

Sep 1

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High Fat Diet can cause Mood Disorders, Addictions, and Overeating

Research shows that independent of weight gain and obesity, high-fat feeding can cause impairments in the functioning of the brain circuitry profoundly implicated in mood disorders, drug addiction, and overeating - several states and pathologies ...

Jul 21

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Hospital-wide program for delirium, alcohol withdrawal and ...

Brigham and Women's Hospital finds that developing and implementing an interdisciplinary care improvement initiative improves outcomes.

Jul 2

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Alcohol’s Unexpected Effect on Memory and Learning

Surprisingly, alcohol is not bad for all types of memory. Alcohol can actually help some areas of the brain learn and remember. While it’s true that alcohol is generally bad for conscious memory, it can boost unconscious memory. This may help ...

Jun 17

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