Tai Chi Could Help Overcome Cognitive Effects of Chemotherapy, ...

According to the American Cancer Society, more than 11.4 million Americans are currently living with cancer. While cancer treatments are plentiful, many have negative side effects. Previous studies have indicated that a significant number of ...

Jun 7


Want to Solve a Problem? Don't Just Use Your Brain, but Your Body, Too

When we've got a problem to solve, we don't just use our brains but the rest of our bodies, too. The connection, as neurologists know, is not uni-directional. Now there's evidence from cognitive psychology of the same fact. "Being able to use your ...

Jun 3


Your addiction to food could be similar to the pangs of a drug addict

EVERY night, Amanda (not her real name) finishes several packets of crackers. As if in a trance, the 40-year-old can't stop bingeing until there is nothing left in her snack pantry. "The moment I open a packet of chips, I know I won't be able to ...

Jun 2


Fish Oil May Have Positive Effects on Mood, Alcohol Craving, New ...

Omega 3 fatty acids may be beneficial for more than just the heart. Researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine have found at a molecular level a potential therapeutic benefit from these dietary supplements for treating alcohol abuse ...

May 31


Brooding men, smiling women seen as sexy: study

Guys, want to look sexy and get the girl? Don't smile too much. Look brooding or show a bit of shame instead. Women, ignore that advice. Women find happy men less sexually attractive than those with expressions that show pride or hint that they ...

May 27


Why People With Schizophrenia May Have Trouble Reading Social Cues

Understanding the actions of other people can be difficult for those with schizophrenia. Vanderbilt University researchers have discovered that impairments in a brain area involved in perception of social stimuli may be partly responsible for this ...

May 26


Mother Nature's Impact on Mood and Creativity

In 1557, Thomas Tusser composed one of the most enduring rhymes, "April showers bring May flowers." But what happens when storms and gray skies linger in May and winter kicks off in the the Southern Hemisphere? For some, it's a serious issue as the ...

May 19


Scientists find genetic link to depression

Scientists say they have discovered the first solid evidence that variations in some peoples' genes may cause depression -- one of the world's most common and costly mental illnesses. And in a rare occurrence in genetic research, a British-led ...

May 18


Chummy co-workers may lengthen your life

Here's a reason to be thankful for friendly co-workers: They may help you live longer, a new study says. The results show social support from peers at work was associated with a reduced risk of death from any cause over a 20-year period. The ...

May 17


Digestive Problems Early in Life May Increase Risk for Depression, ...

Depression and anxiety may result from short-term digestive irritation early in life, according to a study of laboratory rats by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine. The findings suggest that some human psychological conditions ...

May 16


What Does It Feel Like to Lose Everything on Your Computer?

Kerri lost everything on her laptop. A hundred years ago, that would have meant she stood up and the apples she was peeling ended up on the floor; now it means the Apple on which she had stored her life has abandoned her. She's part of the new ...

May 11


Managing Positive Change

Leaders and managers often face the task of implementing organizational change, a complex process which is frequently experienced as difficult to get right and which requires sophisticated and flexible management styles. What insights can leaders ...

May 9


Who Knows You Best? Not You, Say Psychologists

Know thyself. That was Socrates' advice, and it squares with conventional wisdom. "It's a natural tendency to think we know ourselves better than others do," says Washington University in St. Louis assistant professor Simine Vazire. But a new ...

May 6


Is it time to leave your therapist?

Maybe you don't like your therapist. Maybe you do, but you've resolved the issues that drove you to seek counseling in the first place. Or maybe those issues remain unresolved, with few signs of progress. Maybe your sessions feel as if they've ...

May 4


Knocking out stress

When stress weighs you down, the tendency may be to overindulge in alcohol or comfort foods, veg out in front of the TV or hide out under the blankets. An athletic person might even opt for a long run. But fitness experts say there is a better ...

May 3