Borderline personality disorder as debilitating as bipolar disorder, ...

The deterioration of psychiatric and physical health caused by borderline personality disorder (BPD) rivals that of bipolar disorder, according to new research. Experts estimate that 1.6 percent of the U.S. population is diagnosed with BPD, compared ...

May 20

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Borderline Personality Disorder: 8 Classic Signs You Should Know

How to tell if someone has a borderline personality disorder?

Mar 2

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Outside the body our memories fail us

New research from Karolinska Institutet and Umeå University demonstrates for the first time that there is a close relationship between body perception and the ability to remember. For us to be able to store new memories from our lives, we need to ...

Mar 12

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Recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder May Be Attainable

Borderline Personality Disorder is often considered one of the most difficult diagnoses with which to work. But in my many years of experience working with individuals with BPD, I found that there are reasons behind their actions which, when ...

Mar 6

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Which psychological therapies work best for borderline personality ...

This systematic review of psychological therapies for borderline personality disorder (BPD), conducted in Spain, takes an interesting approach to reviewing the literature. Unfortunately, there appear to have been challenges in translating the ...

Jan 19

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Treating Schizophrenia and Borderline Personality Disorder Differently

Psychopathology may be represented as residing on a continuum, ranging from, at one end “psychotic” to at the other end, “normal”. “Personality disordered” and “neurotic” lie between the two. However, there are general differences in ...

Nov 6

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