Study links brain inflammation triggered by chronic pain to anxiety ...

Brain inflammation caused by chronic nerve pain alters activity in regions that regulate mood and motivation, suggesting for the first time that a direct biophysical link exists between long-term pain and the depression, anxiety and substance abuse ...

Jun 12

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How to instantly feel more powerful?

There are bound to be times when you feel anxious in situations, regardless of your usual confidence level. When we feel anxiety or stress, we develop our own way to cope with it by engaging in various techniques like imagining the audience are ...

May 23

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Anxiety May Originate In Your Gut

Have you ever felt anxiety fluttering its relentless wings in the center of your stomach? It might not be simple nervousness. The human gut is often called the "second brain," and for very good reason. Research has begun to understand the link ...

May 19

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Nomophobia - Panicking with Unavailability of Mobile Phones

Frustrated and anxious when your phone is out of battery or you can’t seem to find your phone anywhere. This is known as nomophobia, in other words “no mobile phone phobia”.

May 9

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The Things About Anxiety

For people that don't understand anxiety or have never experienced it, they may think it is the same as worrying about things that are going on your life. Everyone worries about things from time to time, it's a natural part of being human and ...

May 6

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The Most Relaxing Yoga Poses To Help Fight Depression, Anxiety

Yoga is a therapeutic practice that's been known to relax the body and calm the mind. But you don't need to tie yourself up in a pretzel to experience the antidepressant benefits, according to a new study. Researchers analyzed the top six relaxation ...

Apr 30

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Air pollution may be tied to Anxiety

Women who were exposed to the most small particles in the air one month before their anxiety test were about 12 percent more likely to have high anxiety symptoms.

Apr 1

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Why FISH is nature's antidepressant: Mediterranean diet 'reduces the ...

The Mediterranean diet is known to prevent against heart disease and is hailed as the secret to a long, healthy life. Now, researchers have found the can help people with depression, too. A study found people who followed the diet were happier, ...

Mar 17

Categories: Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Stress Management


Anxiety, Alcohol use and 13 ways to cope with panic(without drinking)

Social anxiety is strongly linked to higher levels of alcohol abuse, possibly due to the way alcohol lubricates vocal chords and actually allows nervous folks to speak in public. A little social helper to get you through meeting new friends, right?

Feb 18

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Researchers Discover How Brain Recognizes Danger

Study in Nature May Lead to New Therapies for PTSD, Phobias and Anxieties

Jan 23

Categories: Anxiety, Phobias, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) / Trauma / ...


How To Help Children Control Their Emotions, Reduce Anxiety and Boost ...

This activity has a vital role to play in children’s psychological health.

Dec 29

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Health Effects of Stress in the City

Does your pace of life in the city impact your health?

Dec 15

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Suffer from extreme social anxiety? Your friends probably like you ...

A psychologist helping a person with social anxiety disorder will often try to convince them that they come over far more positively in social situations than they realise. A new study provides some evidence to back this up. Thomas Rodebaugh and his ...

Dec 9

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Psychological problems in men experiencing cancer

Hannah Dale and colleagues from the University of St Andrews have found some key markers for vulnerability to psychological problems in men experiencing cancer. Their results will be presented Thursday 4 December, at the Annual Conference of the ...

Dec 5

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Mindfulness treatment as effective as CBT for depression and anxiety

Group mindfulness treatment is as effective as individual cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in patients with depression and anxiety, according to a new study from Lund University in Sweden and Region Skåne. This is the first randomised study to ...

Nov 29

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