Helping other people with their problems helps you too

You can practise your own self-regulation by helping others.

May 17

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New evidence shows the calming power of reminiscing about happy times

The next time you feel stressed up, or wish to improve your mood, remember to take a little walk down your happy memory lane. There are research evidence indicating that recalling happy memories can help you to combat stress and improve your mood

May 15

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The Real Reason Americans Are Getting More Unhappy

Despite the economic prosperity enjoy by many in the United States, it has been found that people there are getting more and more unhappy. Research has discovered the real reason to Americans’ unhappiness.

Apr 8

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5 Brain-training Exercises that Will Make You Happier and More ...

A little mental strength training goes a long way. Here’s how to make you feel happier and more successful.

Mar 24

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Our Brains on Love

Have you ever wondered what happens in our brains during a surge of affection? Why do we remember all the minute details of our first dates? Our brains do react to love, and current research looks at some interesting facts about our brains when they ...

Mar 11

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Being Grateful Will Make You Happier

Our expectations change the way we feel about things. They craft our moods and subsequent reactions to things. Studies show being grateful is a conscious choice people can make, and if they do choose to be grateful, they will be happier for it.

Mar 10

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How to Be a Better Spender

Practicing smart restraint may feel tough to us, a generation brought up on a collective consumerist culture. Hopefully, this advice, gleaned from experts in marketing and psychology research, will help us become smarter, happier spenders.

Dec 20

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With Thanks in the Brain

What happens in your brain when you experience gratitude? A study last year set out to determine the neural correlates of gratitude using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).

Nov 26

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Can money buy happiness? Consider debt first!

Money can lead to happiness, but how much debt one has should also be considered in the money-happiness equation, according to a new a study from Purdue University.

Oct 29

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The Science of a Happy Family - Leisure Time

Family fun often means new activities and destinations but a new study suggests leisure time spent at home in familiar pastimes may be a better route to happiness.

Oct 19

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Do Singaporeans work too hard?

Singapore has one of the longest working hours in the world, clocking in 88 hours every two work weeks. At the same time, its people are unhappy, citing a lack of work-life balance and stress.

Oct 17

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Forcing positive thoughts won't make you happy

All people, at times, fill up with grief, spill over with joy, or tremble with anger. Most of us are taught early on to manage these emotions by sharing and reveling in the positive ones, while repressing or apologizing for the negative ones. Either ...

Oct 11

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Laugh and Live Longer

A vast new study finds that a sense of humor lowers mortality rates, especially for women. Women with a strong sense of humor were found to live longer in spite of illness, especially cardiovascular disease and infection. Mirthful men seem to be ...

Oct 4

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Oxytocin Enhances Spirituality, New Study Says

Oxytocin has been dubbed the "love hormone" for its role promoting social bonding, altruism and more. Now new research from Duke University suggests the hormone may also support spirituality.

Sep 23

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What Should You Choose: Time or Money?

Given the choice between more time or more money, which would you pick? For a beach vacation, you might pay more for a direct flight to gain a couple of extra hours getting sand between your toes. On the other hand, you might take a better-paying ...

Sep 20

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