Can you spot a psychopath in the making?

It's always comforting to think that people can change if they're given the right conditions. If, as the philosopher John Locke suggested, we are all born as "blank slates," any writing on these slates that occurs early in life should be modifiable. ...

Nov 29

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How the brain adapts to telling lies

Anecdotal reports of dishonesty escalating over time are common. Thus, a team of researchers from University College London (U.C.L.) and Duke University decided to investigate. The team's findings confirm in a laboratory setting that dishonesty ...

Oct 25

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Study: Emotional awareness training 'reduces severe crime reoffending ...

The famous Stanford Prison experiment (1971) showed the power of behavior to elicit emotions. Once the volunteers act their part, they also begin to feel their part. It is one of the many studies that show how behavior shape emotions, but can the ...

Jul 15

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Why antisocial youths are less able to take the perspective of others

Adolescents with antisocial personality disorder inflict serious physical and psychological harm on both themselves and others. However, little is yet known about the underlying neural processes. Researchers at the University of Leiden and the Max ...

Mar 15

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How communities effectively punish antisocial behaviour

New research provides an insight into how groups of people tackle social dilemmas and effectively punish those engaging in anti-social behaviour. Neighbours playing loud music is an example of where a social dilemma can arise about who should ...

Apr 8

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Excessive TV in childhood linked to long-term antisocial behaviour

Children and adolescents who watch a lot of television are more likely to manifest antisocial and criminal behaviour when they become adults, according to a new University of Otago, New Zealand, study published online in the US journal ...

Feb 19

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