Mental Illness Stigma and discrimination profound in Malaysia: Study

According to the perspectives of the mental health professionals, implications of stigma include patients being trapped in a vicious cycle of discrimination leading to detrimental consequences for the individual, their families, communities and ...

Mar 12

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Chinese short film encouraging families to talk about homosexuality ...

A short film depicting two parents’ coming to terms with their son’s homosexuality has gone viral in China, garnering ...

Feb 25

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Mental Health gets $1.8 Billion boost in Australia

Nearly 60,000 people with a severe mental illness will share an extra $1.3 billion in funding - the single biggest boost under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Feb 16

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57% of lower-Primary kids not getting enough sleep

SINGAPORE - About 57 per cent of children from lower Primary lack enough sleep, according to a survey conducted by students from Nanyang Technological University.

Feb 5

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Why Cambodians Never Get 'Depressed'

People in Cambodia experience what we Americans call depression. But there's no direct translation for the word "depression" in the Cambodian Khmer language. Instead, people may say thelea tdeuk ceut, which literally means "the water in my heart has ...

Feb 3

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Game app to monitor teenage suicide risk

The battle against teenage suicide has entered the digital age as a Hong Kong company is developing a game app to identify at-risk teenagers. Mark Altosaar, who has a background in education technology, and Jamie Chiu, a doctoral candidate in ...

Feb 2

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Is There a Single Dimension of Mental Illness?

Many different types of psychiatric disorders may share a common thread.

Jan 17

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Psychological first-aid important to Malaysia flood victims too

The devastating floods in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia have not only cause destruction to property, but also emotional stress and trauma to the victims, as well as health staff and volunteers involved in the relief efforts.

Jan 6

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Grappling with a weighty issue

The number of young people suffering from eating disorders has risen significantly in the past decade and is still climbing. New cases at Singapore General Hospital (SGH), the only hospital to have an exclusive eating disorder programme here, have ...

Nov 28

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When Korea imposed a limit on working hours, did it make people ...

Across different professions, many people are familiar with the sense of having to deliver more with less, meaning clocking-off time falls later and later. One way to protect workers' rights, and look after their wellbeing, is to introduce working ...

Nov 26

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Depression Most Common Mental Illness in Singapore

People thought Kat, 17, was being an "emo" teenager, but the truth was far more complicated. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with depression. She says: "As the symptoms of depression include being irritable and having mood swings, my family and ...

Nov 12

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New smartphone app monitors students’ mental health

Researchers have developed a smartphone application that passively monitors a student’s mental health and compares their mental status to academic performance and recent behavior.

Sep 29

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Healthy foods tied to better mental health

New findings suggest that the higher an individual’s fruit and vegetable intake, the lower the chance of their having low mental well-being. A magic number of five portions a day is associated with high mental well-being.

Sep 26

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Addressing a barrier to mental health care - stigma

Over 60 million Americans are thought to experience mental illness in a given year, and the impacts of mental illness are undoubtedly felt by millions more in the form of family members, friends, and coworkers. Despite the availability of effective ...

Sep 10

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Psychological support waning for heart patients despite nearly half ...

Psychological support for heart patients is waning despite nearly half experiencing mental health problems after their heart event.

Sep 5

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