The Value of Homework Post-Therapy

Does homework post-psychotherapy increase its effectiveness? Or is the quality of the session more important? Here’s what some studies have found.

Apr 17

Categories: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Other


Abstract Temptations Are Easier to Avoid Than Specific Ones

Research shows that specific temptations are harder to avoid than abstract ones, because specific descriptions are more appealing than abstract ones.

Apr 17

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How Body Language Helps Difficult Conversations

During difficult conversations, it is not only the words that matter, but our non-verbal actions too.

Apr 12

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How Table Sizes are Related to How Much We Eat

This may come as a surprise, but the size of our tables heavily influences our caloric intake.

Apr 7

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The Psychology of Effective Protest

It may seem like protests should aim to attract as much attention from outsiders as possible, as this is likely to persuade them to follow and thus support their cause. However, certain new findings reflect the complete opposite: in fact, it is the ...

Mar 3

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Fearful 'Memories' Passed Between Generations

New study on mice suggests parents' fears can be passed on to their children. Implications of the study on understanding alcohol addiction, phobias and anxiety are discussed.

Dec 27

Categories: Addictions, Anxiety, Other, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) / ...


The Psychology of Gift-giving

A team of scientists have figured out the secret to giving the perfect Christmas present - and fortunately, it isn't about spending as much as possible. Choosing a present that reflects your personality, and not what you think the receiver would ...

Dec 21

Categories: Other, Relationships & Marriage


How to Be a Better Spender

Practicing smart restraint may feel tough to us, a generation brought up on a collective consumerist culture. Hopefully, this advice, gleaned from experts in marketing and psychology research, will help us become smarter, happier spenders.

Dec 20

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Why Wait? The Science Behind Procrastination

People have struggled with habitual hesitation going back to ancient civilizations. The Greek poet Hesiod, writing around 800 B.C., cautioned not to "put your work off till tomorrow and the day after." The Roman consul Cicero called procrastination ...

Nov 29

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The Psychology of Celebrity Worship

Among academic researchers, the term "celebrity worship" is a term that was first coined by Dr. Lynn McCutcheon and her research colleagues in the early 2000s. While seemingly common especially in young adolescents, research has pointed out that ...

Nov 17

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The Upside of Uncertainty

Who is more persuasive: A person who expresses great certainty about his or her views, or a person who is less sure? If you are like most people, your intuition is that certainty makes you more persuasive. And this makes sense. A person who ...

Nov 10

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Daydreaminsg: not a waste of time after all?

People tend to think of daydreaming and letting the mind wander as a waste of time, but new research suggests daydreaming could be key to success and higher creativity.

Nov 5

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Why liars find lying easy

Liars are able to tell the most astounding whoppers without feeling bad - the way the brain works is actually helping them! New research found that the neurological responses are repeated liars are blunted, and this reduces the negative emotions one ...

Nov 3

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Investing in a healthy Hong Kong can cut welfare costs for the city

Investing in health may cut welfare costs for Hong Kong. But other than encouraging people to cultivate a healthy body and a healthy mind, more needs to be done to create job opportunities and reduce poverty, thereby maximizing the benefits of ...

Oct 29

Categories: Mental Health in Asia, Other


How the brain adapts to telling lies

Anecdotal reports of dishonesty escalating over time are common. Thus, a team of researchers from University College London (U.C.L.) and Duke University decided to investigate. The team's findings confirm in a laboratory setting that dishonesty ...

Oct 25

Categories: Antisocial personality, Other