Five Habits to Becoming a Morning Person

Do you ever struggle to get out of bed in the morning? Is the snooze button your friend or foe? Most of us are not morning people, but would like to be. Here is a list of life hacks by health and lifestyle editor Sophie Mellor that can help you wake ...

Oct 26

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Playing Up the Benefits of Play at Work

From a traditional point of view, dedication to ones work life and sustaining a good work ethic are highly important to succeed in life, while playing around and lacking focus are portrayed as the enemy. Research, however, has shown that play can ...

Oct 17

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Self-Driving Cars Face Psychological Speed Bumps

The industry and regulators seem ready to embrace autonomous cars, but are consumers? Many people are uncomfortable with a car figuring out who to harm in a situation where a collision is unavoidable. Even after manufacturers demonstrate that ...

Oct 12

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Does Using Facebook Make People Lonelier?

Does social media use strengthen relationships, or does it displace offline interactions? New research identifies compares two contradicting hypotheses on the complicated relationship between loneliness and social internet use.

Oct 11

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How Feeling Full Can Make You Want to Eat More

Diets often only work for a limited period of time, and once the diet is over, most people relapse into overeating. A new study says this craving of food even when you are full could be explained by behavioral conditioning.

Oct 10

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How Sleep Helps Us to Remember and Forget at the Same Time

Can we both learn and unlearn while we sleep? A new study suggests that we can. Both processes occur during different phases of sleep, the research shows.

Sep 29

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Nine Tips to Find the Right Counsellor for You

You have decided it is time to go into psychotherapy - but how do you select a fitting counselor for you? Beginning this process may be overwhelming and confusing, but if you take these nine steps as a guideline, you will be able to find the 'right' ...

Sep 21

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Why Stories of Change Inspire

Inspirational stories are told and heard often in places like self-help groups. Their purpose is to inspire change for others who are in the same situation. The reasons why these stories are inspiring are explored in a recent paper.

Aug 24

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How to Help a Friend in Crisis

We often find ourselves at a loss of what to do or say when a friend is going through a difficult period in their life. Here are seven methods, backed up by research, to support them in the most effective way.

Aug 7

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Keeping Secrets is Bad for You - Here’s Why

A recent study suggests that people are stressed when keeping a secret because they keep thinking about the secret, not because of the act of secret-keeping.

Aug 4

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5 Stages to Changing Behaviour

Most of us have a behaviour we would like to change. This could be exercise and diet-related or simply wanting to be more organised. Some of us may be able to change our behaviour in the short term, but fail to maintain the new behaviour for the ...

Aug 1

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How Does The Brain Turn Unconscious Information Into Conscious ...

Neuroscience tells us that most of the work done by our brains happens on an unconscious level, but when does that "a-ha!" moment occur? And what happens during it? New research investigates.

Jul 28

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A Face Fit for the Job

Whether be it a law firm or mafia mob, every organisation has a boss. The boss is usually a person who started from the bottom and worked their way to the top. But do some leaders rise more easily than others because of their facial appearance?

Jul 12

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Introverts use more concrete language than extraverts

Do you know that the use of language can reveal information about your personality type?

May 23

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Body Language - Five Things You Need to Know

Body language is a means of non-verbal communication that we all use. However, many of us barely understand it. The good news is, we can become better at reading it.

May 9

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