Too much "alone time" may shorten your life

Some people thrive on "alone time," and seem perfectly happy flying solo at the movies, restaurants and on vacation when the rest of the world couldn't imagine doing these things without a partner, spouse or friends. But new research finds that ...

Mar 25

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Cheating to be popular amongst others

In the pursuit of being the popular kid along with your team-mates, would you sabotage your rivals, would you cheat?

Mar 6

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The psychology of Facebook, digested

With over a billion users, Facebook is changing the social life of our species. Cultural commentators ponder the effects. Is it bringing us together or tearing us apart?

Jan 20

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The Personality Trait Linked To The Strongest Immune System

Outgoing or introverted? Which personality types are best at fighting off infection?

Dec 19

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Suffer from extreme social anxiety? Your friends probably like you ...

A psychologist helping a person with social anxiety disorder will often try to convince them that they come over far more positively in social situations than they realise. A new study provides some evidence to back this up. Thomas Rodebaugh and his ...

Dec 9

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Social groups alleviate depression

Building a strong connection to a social group helps clinically depressed patients recover and helps prevent relapse, according to a new study. For the paper, (CIFAR) Senior Fellow Alexander Haslam, lead author Tegan Cruwys and their colleagues at ...

Mar 23

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Social connections key to happiness for "at-risk" teens

An RMIT University report on the happiness of disadvantaged Australian teenagers has emphasised the vital role of family and friends in mental wellbeing. The research examined the happiness of more than 23,000 "at-risk" Australian youth.

Mar 17

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Your Friends Are More Important Than You Think

Indeed, psychological science has known for quite some time that we define ourselves-that is, we come to know who we are as a person-through our closest relationships. When the relationships go, so goes a very part of our existence. After a divorce, ...

Jul 4

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Loneliness can hurt more than the heart

I now know why I gained more than 13 kilograms in my early 20s: I was lonely. I had left for school and a job in the Upper Midwest and I knew no one. I filled my lonely nights and days with food, especially candy, cookies and ice cream. I could not ...

Jun 3

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Five Year-Olds Who Watch TV for Three or More Hours a Day More Likely ...

Five year-olds who watch TV for three or more hours a day are increasingly likely to develop antisocial behaviours, such as fighting or stealing by the age of seven, indicates research published online in Archives of Disease in Childhood. But the ...

Mar 27

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Socially Isolated Rats are More Vulnerable to Addiction, Report ...

Rats that are socially isolated during a critical period of adolescence are more vulnerable to addiction to amphetamine and alcohol, found researchers at The University of Texas at Austin. Amphetamine addiction is also harder to extinguish in the ...

Jan 24

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