How social anxiety manifests on Facebook

For many shy people, online social networking sites have an obvious appeal – a way to socialise without the unpredictable immediacy of a face-to-face encounter. However, a new study finds that people who are socially anxious betray their ...

Jul 8

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Social Anxiety Linked To Surprise Chemical Imbalance In The Brain

Drugs commonly prescribed for social anxiety could be making the problem worse. Social anxiety disorder is linked to higher levels of serotonin in the brain, not lower as previously thought. People with both social anxiety actually produce more of ...

Jun 22

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How to instantly feel more powerful?

There are bound to be times when you feel anxious in situations, regardless of your usual confidence level. When we feel anxiety or stress, we develop our own way to cope with it by engaging in various techniques like imagining the audience are ...

May 23

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Nomophobia - Panicking with Unavailability of Mobile Phones

Frustrated and anxious when your phone is out of battery or you can’t seem to find your phone anywhere. This is known as nomophobia, in other words “no mobile phone phobia”.

May 9

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An "Invisible" Body Could Reduce Your Social Anxiety

Using clever camera angles, virtual goggles and physical caresses, a team of researchers was able to make people feel as if they had an invisible body. Furthermore, feeling invisible reduced the anxiety brought on by standing in front of an ...

Apr 29

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Laughing Causes People to Share More

Strangers sharing intimate autobiographical details. Will you? How did they manage to willingly share? New research suggests that laughter causes one to disclose more about themselves.

Apr 11

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Too much "alone time" may shorten your life

Some people thrive on "alone time," and seem perfectly happy flying solo at the movies, restaurants and on vacation when the rest of the world couldn't imagine doing these things without a partner, spouse or friends. But new research finds that ...

Mar 25

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Serotonin-Deficient Brains More Vulnerable to Social Stress

Mice genetically deficient in serotonin -- a crucial brain chemical implicated in clinical depression -- are more vulnerable than their normal littermates to social stressors, according to a Duke study appearing this week in the Proceedings of the ...

Feb 11

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The Importance of Getting Help for Fear and Anxieties

Getting professional help for dealing with your persistent fears and anxieties is the single most important step in your recovery.

Aug 26

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We're happier when we chat to strangers, but our instinct is to ...

It's become a truism that humans are "social animals". And yet, you've probably noticed - people on public transport or in waiting rooms seem to do everything they can not to interact. On the London tube there's an unwritten rule not to even look at ...

Aug 16

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One year on from the Boston Marathon bombing, caregivers still ...

Nearly a year after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, hospital staff, first responders and medical volunteers who cared for the injured and dying were still struggling to put the experience behind them.

Aug 12

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Victims of war: how Gaza conflict will traumatise a generation of ...

A new study led by Professor Panos Vostanis has examined adolescent victims of conflict in the Gaza strip and has found that exposure to war-torn environments has a lasting and damaging effect on their psychological wellbeing.

Aug 7

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Why Exercise and Relaxation Techniques Benefit The Socially Anxious

In treating social anxiety - discomfort or fear in social situations, often of being judged - both relaxation techniques and exercise have been found beneficial.

Aug 5

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New research links anxiety to seizures

New research by clinical psychologists from the UK and US has revealed psychogenic seizures which could be mistaken for epilepsy are linked to feelings of anxiety.

Aug 4

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Anxiety when making win-win decisions stems from conflict in the brain

People choosing between two or more equally positive outcomes experience paradoxical feelings of pleasure and anxiety, feelings associated with activity in different regions of the brain, according to research led by Amitai Shenhav, an associate ...

Jul 30

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