Why do people lie?

While everybody lies, few are actually aware of why they do it and how destructive it can be. The answer to the question "Why do people lie?" essentially depends on the motivations of the liar.

May 24

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What Do You See in People?

We interact with more people than we think every day. However, how many times do we actually pause and take a good look at the people we are interacting with?

Apr 11

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How to Improve Your Self-Worth

Self-worth is a measure of how much we value ourselves as people. This does not depend on others’ opinions of us; only we can determine our self-worth. However, many of us are highly critical of ourselves. It is important to treat ourselves with ...

Mar 28

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Touch May Alleviate Existential Fears for People With Low Self-Esteem

As human beings, we all know that we are going to die some day. Most of us deal with this knowledge by trying to live meaningful lives, but people with low self-esteem tend not to see their lives as particularly meaningful. Now, research suggests ...

Dec 6

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This Is What Self-Acceptance Can Do For Your Mind

Practising self-acceptance is one of the best ways to deal with failure, recent research finds.

Jun 22

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Body Dysmorphic Disorder symptoms improve, relapse preventable with ...

People with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) fare better and are less likely to relapse when treated with medication on a long-term basis, according to researchers.

Apr 12

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How Being Heavier Drives Down Self-Esteem

For heavier individuals, the anticipation of rejection drives down self-esteem and ratchets up stress, say psychologists.

Mar 28

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Would you really be happier if you were better looking?

As shallow as it may be, most of us probably have the sneaking suspicion that we would be happier if we had more attractive facial features and a lither, more athletic body. We fork out cash on cosmetics, gym memberships and plastic surgery thanks ...

Feb 20

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4 Ways your self-image impacts on your performance

Self-image refers to the way in which you view yourself. The way in which you view yourself affects both your belief that you can do something, and your willingness to actually do it.

Jan 9

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How To Say 'No' Compassionately

Whether it's saying no to a lover, job candidate, spouse, friend or business proposal, here are some basic principles for doing it compassionately.

Dec 15

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Self-Esteem May Be Set At The Age of 5

In line with Freudian concepts, a new study has found that self-esteem could be set at a surprisingly young age.

Nov 7

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Taming the Mammoth: Why You Should Stop Caring What Other People Think

Humans evolved an over-the-top obsession with what others thought of them - a craving for social approval and admiration, and a paralyzing fear of being disliked. Let's call that obsession a human's Social Survival Mammoth.

Oct 12

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Personal Excellence: Building a Castle or Hauling Rocks?

“We are building a castle and it’s going to be magnificent .”

Feb 18

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Carol Dweck: The power of believing that you can improve

How can we help ...

Dec 27

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be In the In crowd

According to science, being "cool" isn't that cool

Dec 23

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