Cycle of Abuse: New Answers

Stressful early environments affect the brain in ways that are inherited. Majority of abusive parents were abused themselves as children. Now we are starting to understand the underlying psychological and biological mechanisms thanks to animal ...

Dec 16

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How to heal after an abusive relationship

If you've recently gotten out of an abusive relationship or are considering doing so, your sense of self has likely been altered or even destroyed. So have your feelings of safety and your ability to trust others. You can and will regain these ...

Jun 4

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Taking a look at the facts of domestic violence

Too many of us are willing to put up with abusive behaviors in the name of love, out of fear or even thinking that these behaviors are normal. Here are the Red Flags of Abusers.

Jun 15

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Changes in Brain Structure Found After Childhood Abuse

Different forms of childhood abuse increase the risk for mental illness as well as sexual dysfunction in adulthood, but little has been known about how that happens. An international team of researchers, including the Miller School's Charles B. ...

Jun 3

Categories: Abuse / Abuse Survivor Issues, Child and/or Adolescent Issues