Are You Using These Negative Ways to Measure Your Self-worth?

Many people measure their self-worth using unreliable measures. We may not even consciously realise the measures we use. When we feel like we are reaching our goal, our self-esteem increases, and vice versa. While we may be aware of these changes in ...

Jul 12

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How to Respond to Naysayers without Compromising on your Self-worth

There will always be naysayers or people trying to put us down. Here are some strategies to help you learn to live with the harshness of their words, or to let their comments roll off your back.

Apr 26

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Body Dysmorphic Disorder symptoms improve, relapse preventable with ...

People with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) fare better and are less likely to relapse when treated with medication on a long-term basis, according to researchers.

Apr 12

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What Makes Some of Us Own Our Mistakes, But Not Others

Research identifies the key belief that makes us take responsibility.

Dec 18

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The Spotlight Effect: Do we overestimate the effects of our Actions ...

A new study from Cornell University investigates the extent to which people overestimates the extent to which their actions and appearance are noted by others. Most of us stand out in our own minds. Whether in the midst of a personal triumph or an ...

Feb 26

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