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Cars R Us

Date: 13 Jul 2018


The Cars ‘R’ Us kit reflects the optimistic, positive psychology of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy and draws on the Total Behaviour Car model that has been used successfully by Reality Therapists for many years.


Cars ‘R’ Us is an engaging tool designed to help young people and adults tackle negative thoughts and attributions while strengthening their internal locus of control.

A deceptively simple yet powerful tool, it provides a framework for nearly anyone to do effective therapy with others or as a self-evaluation tool. Modelled on Choice Theory and Reality Therapy, it is popular with psychologists, counsellors and coaches all over the world.

Choice Theory posits that we cannot control others’ behaviors but our own. By learning to choose healthy alternatives, it will result in greater satisfaction. This also assists us to make effective interventions at the point of greatest leverage

Duration: 9am to 5pm

Venue: To be confirmed

Contact: Email Organizer

Language: English

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