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LOVECODE with Craig Tunnell

Date: 9 May 2018


Would you like to understand how love & relationships really work?

So few of us have a real education on relationship skills, and often our role models for relationships (e.g. Mum and Dad) are less than ideal.

We tend to fumble through relationships not understanding we we keep running into the same problems again and again.

The LoveCode workshop will give you a foundation to create happy, loving, intimate relationships and build deeper intimacy and connection with others, whether you are in a relationship or still searching.

You will learn maps and models to understanding yourself and your partner's relating style and the places where you are triggered easily.

We will practice healthy relating and engage in practical exercises to help build deeper intimacy and connection skills.

Open yourself to intimacy and joy and join us for a day of relationship epiphanies at LoveCode!

Craig Tunnell is a leading relationship expert and psychotherapist, and is the Director of Teacher Training at the Hoffman Institute Australia. He brings wit, warmth and charisma to his facilitation and is gifted at helping people discover their needs and overcome personal obstacles.

Duration: 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

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$380.00 SGD

Language: English

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