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Drama & Movement Therapy

Date: 11 Apr 2018 - 12 Apr 2018


Workshop Overview

• Use drama, story, myth, improvisation, voice to explore feelings & issues in children, adolescent and adults

• Acquire skills to transform negative gestures into positive gestures

• Understand and apply different sounds from human speech to transform ANGER, GRIEF, LOSS

• Use rhythm & movement through dance as a process for engaging children

• Drama Therapy is systematic & intentional use of drama/theatre processes


•Three polarities: understanding the feelings behind client’s gestures

• Drama Therapy Sequences

• Bamboo Sequence to deal with anxiety attacks

• Use of sound & gesture for
* becoming present through “grounding” sequence
* develop boundaries & protect personal space
* to heal betrayal, shock and criticism
* reduce pain

• Working with five dance and movement rhythms for expressing and healing emotions

• Exercises for expressing and transforming feelings

• Experiential examples

Duration: 9 am to 5pm

Venue: To be confirmed

Contact: Email Organizer

Language: English

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