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Certificate Course in Team and Group Meta-Coach

Date: 4 Sep 2017 - 6 Sep 2017

Hong Kong

Through the understanding of different roles in the team, allows you to experience the team process, comprehend group dynamics, become insightful team leaders and coaches. Increase your sense of inner strength as a team leader, learn to deal with team conflicts effectively and face challenges calmly.

The Mystery of Team Coaching: The success of most organizations is built on efficient teams as they have great potential. What is the hidden elements behind a quality team? What is the secret to the team members which make them link closely, communicate effectively, think together for the common goal and with responsibility, work together hard?

A team has great potential. As long as we can stimulate the team's potential, people can develop and use these potentials. This is the basic principle of the team: when we gather more knowledge, we become wiser. To achieve peak performance, integrated skills, precise decisions, and a wealth of experience are essential elements; team's performance is always beyond the individual.

Course Objective

1.Participants will demonstrate the 7 coaching core skills, and an additional skills: dealing with the group dynamics

2.Participants will learn and will be benchmarked for the new group coaching skills:

- Framing, Group Leadership, Group Functioning and Group Closure.
- PLUS Core Meta-Coaching skills: group listening, group supporting, group questioning, etc - now with an emphasis on group

Course Content

1.Explore messages in the group: different types of group, Group needs, uniqueness of the group coach, how to coach the group according to needs;

2.Access Group Dynamics: Understand the Psychological process of group dynamics;

3.Learn and Practice Group and Team Coaching skills: Develop the skills you need in group coaching through Practice and Benchmarking;

4.Deal with group problems: Identify potential group problems, and development of strategies and skills to deal with them;

5.Develop Group and Team Leadership: Develop Leadership in your Team as an effective leader

Dr. L. Michael Hall, PH.D.

Neuro-Semantics Executive Director

The co-founder of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics and the Meta-CoachTM Foundation (MCF), Michael, is the Academic Director and Researcher for the MCF and has authored and published more than 50 books. He is a developer, researcher, coach, international trainer and prolific author in the Cognitive Sciences. He has developed the most cutting-edge new concepts in NLP and NS today, the Meta-States Model, Matrix Model, and co-developed the Axes of Change Model.

Duration: 9:00am – 6:00pm

Venue: Hilltop Country Club, Tsuen Wan, New Territories

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Special Offer :
HK$5,850- before 30/06/2017
HK$6,240- before 31/07/2017

Language: English

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