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ADD/ADHD in Adults: What You Need to Know To Manage

Date: 14 Jan 2017


This workshop provides participants with a clear understanding of adult ADD/ADHD thanks to clinical facts and descriptions of lived experiences of adults in Singapore. It reviews the therapeutic interventions and self-management approaches available for adults with ADD/ADHD, including first tips to enhance their well-being and performance.

Participants: Three to seven people attend the workshop, to allow everyone sufficient time for questions and sharing. To ensure this session remains a safe space, it is strictly reserved to adults who live with ADD/ADHD or suspect they may.

Workshop facilitator:

Annelaure Vuillermoz has extensive experience as a coach for adults with ADD/ADHD. She has facilitated numerous workshops on this topic for the past four years, and given talks at regional conferences (3rd Asia Pacific Behavioural and Addiction Medicine (APBAM) Conference 2015, 3rd Asian Congress on ADHD 2016).

Duration: 1 pm - 2pm

Venue: 91 McNair Road, Townerville, Singapore 328559

Website: Go to event website

SGD $80

Language: English

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