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A day with Dan Siegel: The new frontiers of interpersonal neurobiology

Date: 29 Mar 2017

Australia, New South Wales, Newcastle

"Welcome to our worldwide conversation about the human mind and the cultivation of well-being! Discover the mindsight approach and the latest science as it emerges in the exciting field of interpersonal neurobiology. Our mission here at the Mindsight Institute is to provide a scientifically grounded, integrated view of human development for mental health practitioners, educators, organizational leaders, parents, and others to promote the growth of vibrant lives and healthy minds. Join in the collaborative journey to bring more kindness, compassion, and resilience into our world!"

ZHUCHI will host Dr Dan Siegel on March 29, 2017, Newcastle Concert Hall, Newcastle NSW. This exclusive event will be his only appearance on the eastern seaboard at this time.

He will speak on his latest research and applications this research has to a number of key stages of human development and human relationships, referencing a number of his key publications. It will be a first class opportunity for clinicians, educators and researchers interested in brain plasticity, neurobiology and the magnificent, ever-developing brain.

Dan Siegel's work shows us how to observe the workings of our minds, allowing us to to understand WHY we think, feel and act the way we do; and how, by following the proper steps, we can literally change the wiring and architecture of our brain.

We literally have the ability - at any stage of our lives - to transform our thinking, our wellbeing, and our relationships.

"Taking responsibility for one's own mind can lead to liberation of the self, and the ability to offer nurturance and love to the next generation." Dan Siegel, Mindsight.

Dr Siegel's publications and research show us, without question, that we have a road map that can enable us as individuals, families, clinicians, educators to "turn off the tap" of unhappiness, psychological and emotional distress we are seeing in our communities and societies. Always with the power to do so in the hands of the individual. The new understandings of how the brain works gives us a way to create and sustain wellbeing in our lives, families and workplaces - as individuals, as parents, and as professionals.

"Relationships are the most important part of our having welbeiing in being human. It's that simple, and it's that important." Dan Siegel.

Duration: 8.30am to 5.30pm

Venue: Newcastle Concert Hall, City Hall, King Street

Website: Go to event website

Early bird (up to January 25 2017) $550
Standard (January 26 onwards) $620
Student (proof of ID required) $450
Group (5+) $475pp

Language: English

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