2013 Joint SELF Biennial International Conference and Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS) Conference

Date: 9 Sep 2013 - 11 Sep 2013


The 2013 Joint SELF Biennial International Conference and Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS) Conference will be held in Singapore, a technologically modern and progressive country yet filled with a keen sense of multicultural traditions. Singapore is one of the world’s cities where the East meets the West and tradition blends with modernity in one multicultural, dynamic, and harmonious society.

The conference is part of a continuing series of meetings that have gained greater visibility in the field of self-related research. The 2013 conference is a first in joining with ERAS to offer a conference that will examine research on self as well as critical educational issues. The 2013 conference, the 7th of the SELF international conference, will bring together a wide array of speakers from all over the world addressing diverse areas such as self, 21st century learners, innovative curriculum and lots more.

The SELF-ERAS conference promises to offer you keen insights by keynote addresses by leading international researchers, opportunities for international networking, breakthroughs in self and educational research, a broad and relevant array of themes addressed, special events and activities. This conference should be of interest to researchers, teachers, educators and graduate students.

Venue: Nanyang Girls' High School

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